The timeless beauty of nature,

right here on your desk

Gebr. Hentschel computer keyboards are specially designed to last a lifetime. Each one is a lovingly handcrafted homage to the distinctive and unique qualities of the natural world. Robust yet elegant, they represent continuity in a world of fleeting pleasures and constant change.

Trends come and go. Our keyboards are here to stay.

computer keyboard maple wood


Gebr. Hentschel lacquered computer keyboard

  Terra Nova

computer keyboard in olive wood


wooden computer keyboard in walnut burl

  Walnut Burl

Typing comfort

The flat keys and clearly defined keystrokes deliver maximum typing comfort. During the development phase, we drew inspiration from the style of keystrokes offered by the very latest lightweight laptops. The keys react immediately when.. continue reading..



Carefully selected timber is vital for the production of a truly exclusive keyboard. That is why we dedicate a great deal of time to the search for particularly expressive wood. Our timber is stored for around ten years. This extensive drying period ensures that.. continue reading..



As a natural material, each wooden board has its own unmistakable character. The first differentiating factor is the species of tree. From Caucasian walnut to pear, maple and olive – there are over 60,000 known species of tree, over 3,000 of which are used.. continue reading..



Gebr. Hentschel was founded by brothers Gunther and Volker Hentschel. Gebr. stands for Gebrüder, which means brothers in German. The pair grew up together in Osnabrück before moving to Berlin to found their own business.. continue reading..

Different slugs for Gebrueder Hentschel wooden keyboards

Katrin Behets-Uhl

This was a great insider tip. Our boss is actually more into watches. But he absolutely loves your keyboard! He didn’t expect that at all. Thank you for the successful anniversary gift!

Dr. Karin Bartholomäus

Thank you for this wonderful gift!! My husband was absolutely delighted. The keyboard looks sooo nice on the desk. Unfortunately, he now loves his job even more..;)

Prof. Dr. Hauke Paul

Ich finde es erstaunlich, dass es so etwas noch nicht schon lange gibt. Ich arbeite zig Stunden am Tag an der Tastatur. Ihr wunderschönes Nussbaum-Modell schreibt wahnsinnig angenehm und sieht in meinem Büro einfach super aus! Herzlichen Dank!!

Dr. Karin Bartholomäus

Danke für dieses wunderbare Geschenk!! Mein Mann war total begeistert. Die Tastatur sieht sooo schön auf dem Schreibtisch aus. Leider liebt er seinen Job jetzt noch ein kleines bisschen mehr..;)