Typing comfort

Gebr. Hentschel keyboards guarantee maximum typing comfort

The flat keys and clearly defined keystrokes deliver maximum typing comfort. During the development phase, we drew inspiration from the style of keystrokes offered by the very latest lightweight laptops. The keys react immediately when you gently press down on the dedicated pressure points. The short key travel – the distance a key has to travel downwards before being recognized by the keyboard – minimizes strain on the fingers and wrists, saving you energy and enabling you to type incredibly quickly.

While you type, the heels of your hands rest comfortably on the lower part of the keyboard. This reduces any strain on your arms and shoulder muscles. The ergonomic keyboard lies flat on the desk, meaning your hands, wrists and lower arms form a continuous straight line. Soft rubber feet keep the keyboard securely positioned on your desk.


Whisper-soft keystrokes

We’ve spared no expense, even when it comes to sound design. Our keyboards all feature a sheet of specialized rubber between the keys and the circuit board that provides maximum sound reduction. All the moving parts are also encased in rubber to further minimize noise emissions.

In short, our keyboards are fully equipped for long-term professional use.