With its subtle light coloring, the maple keyboard is an elegant addition to your office or home workspace. While the maple model is suitable for all kinds of interiors, it really comes to life in modern settings featuring glass and metal. The discreet blonde wood radiates calm and lends your desk a straightforward, contemporary look.

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Everlasting elegance. The SG2 was developed for long-term professional use: wear-resistant keys, whisper-soft keystrokes and an ultra-flat, ergonomic and splash-proof design.

Key benefits

• Designed for long-term use – keys can be pressed over 20 million times
• Ultra-flat ergonomic design for effortless typing
• Splash proof – unaffected by drips and light splashes of water
• Highly durable wear-resistant engraved lettering
• Plug & Play for easy activation without having to install software
• Whisper-soft keystrokes for particularly quiet typing
• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor keys and numeric keypad)

Wood type

Light maple wood is an ideal material for our keyboards, because it is very hard-wearing and aesthetically harmonious. Thanks to its fine pores, maple is incredibly hygienic and the whitish hue also gives it a particularly clean look.

Maple is one of the lightest types of native European wood. The sycamore maple can reach a grand old age of 500 years, whereas the maximum age of the Norwegian maple is 150 years. Maple wood is primarily used to craft ornate veneers, furniture, kitchen appliances and musical instruments.

Technical details
Brand Gebr. Hentschel
Model/Series SG2
Weight 1.18 kg
Dimensions 15.3 x 44.3 x 1.4 cm
Model number 920-007740
Key color white
Casing solid wood
Power source USB 3.0
Connection cable
Supported software Windows 8.1 x64/ MAC
Additional connections 2x USB 3.0, 1x microphone


1.400 Euro   (price includes VAT and shipping)

Fill out the form below to order the keyboard or inquire about delivery times. Alternatively, you can write to us at info@gebruederhentschel.com