Wooden slugs for Gebrueder Hentschel luxury computer keyboards

“Each wooden board has its own character. No two pieces are alike.”

As a natural material, each wooden board has its own unmistakable character. The first differentiating factor is the species of tree. From Caucasian walnut to pear, maple and olive – there are over 60,000 known species of tree, over 3,000 of which are used commercially worldwide.

The color spectrum ranges from jet black, chocolate brown and green, through to cream and white hues. Some species even produce purple wood. Each variety perfectly underscores the unique nature of this versatile material. Regardless of which wood you choose, your keyboard’s exclusive aesthetic will no doubt continue to surprise and delight you for a great many years to come.

Wood is not a static material. It is constantly evolving. Over time your keyboard will become slightly darker and take on a natural patina, depending on how it is used.

Unlike conventional plastic products, the aesthetic value of our keyboards increases with age – as will your emotional connection with its timeless and functional design. When you run your fingertips gently over the surface of the wood, it feels smooth, warm and natural. A Gebr. Hentschel keyboard truly is a feast for the senses.


Gebrueder Hentschel luxury keyboards composite mineral keys handmade

“The mineral composite used for our keys is extremely robust yet wonderfully smooth.”

The 108 keys are produced using an extremely hard-wearing and durable mineral composite, which is also particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The material consists primarily of natural stone dust and can be recycled, making it an excellent choice in terms of environmental protection. Visually, is reminiscent of fine white porcelain and makes the keys exquisite to the touch, which is another essential criteria for the perfect typing experience.

The letters, numbers and symbols are engraved and hand-painted with indelible paint to ensure they won’t fade over time. According to laboratory tests, the estimated service life of these keys is over 200 years.

The raised ridges on the F, J and 5 keys play a special role in relation to touch typing. They help you to correctly position your hands on the keyboard while keeping your eyes focused on the computer screen.

The embedded ridges on Gebr. Hentschel keyboards are made from 18 carat gold, generating a wonderfully subtle contrast to the ivory white keys.

Back panel and trim

Components for Gebrueder Hentschel luxury keyboards

“Solid steel provides exceptional sturdiness and durability.”

The back panel is crafted from sturdy, one-millimeter-thick steel. It affords the keyboard exceptional stability and a satisfying weight, ensuring the keyboard sits securely on your desk.

The steel panel is powder-coated in matte black in accordance with industry standards, making the surface highly resistant to scratches and other signs of wear.

The brushed stainless steel trim set into the front of the keyboard is an attractive design element that further enhances the keyboard’s elegant look and feel.

This type of steel is typically used in mechanical engineering for surfaces that are subject to extreme wear and tear. So naturally, the steel trim also meets our exacting standards in relation to the keyboard’s maximum service life.


“Handcrafted fabric combined with high-performance cables.”

A small ropery in Northern Italy manufactures the cable jacket material for our keyboard’s connecting cable. The family-owned business mostly uses organically farmed cotton and flax from the Alpine region.

Italy has a long tradition of rope-making and our supplier is a family business in its fourth generation.

The premium fabric is sent to a medium-sized German electronics company, which applies the electronic parts and creates the finished cable jackets.

Gebr. Hentschel makes and installs the cable hoods in-house.