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Discreetly marbled undertones add depth to elm wood’s otherwise clean aesthetic. Fitted with beautifully contrasting duck egg blue keys, this model exudes warmth and elegance. Yet at the same time, the minimalist design and metal inlay make it an unmistakably contemporary accessory.

The wood of the native elm is called Rüster in German. It is a tough, non-yielding and extremely impact-resistant wood. The color spectrum ranges from yellowish-white in the sapwood through to pale brown or reddish in the heartwood. Elm wood has a fine grain and a highly varied and sophisticated appearance.


Category: Keyboards

Everlasting elegance. The SG2 was developed for long-term professional use: wear-resistant keys, whisper-soft keystrokes and an ultra-flat, ergonomic and splash-proof design. Built for a lifetime.

Key benefits
• Designed for professional use – keys can be pressed over 40 million times
• Lifelong repair service (including upgrade to potential new USB versions)
• Ultra-flat ergonomic design for effortless typing
• Splash proof – unaffected by drips and splashes of water
• Highly durable wear-resistant engraved lettering
• Plug & Play for easy activation without having to install software
• Whisper-soft keystrokes for particularly quiet typing
• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor keys and numeric keypad)

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