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The olive model features an unrivalled riot of vibrant colors. Olive wood is an ode to creativity and diversity and is best suited to an aesthetically discerning environment. A keyboard crafted from olive wood is guaranteed to turn heads and stand out from the surrounding furnishings.

The delightfully marbled olive wood is extremely hard and sturdy. It naturally contains a large amount of oil, which means it is highly water resistant – even before it has been treated. The wood also has antibacterial properties, and is dirt and odor repellent.

Olive trees have been cultivated since 4,000 BC and are considered the most iconic of the Mediterranean trees. They require a long time to grow and can reach an age of several hundred years. Our wood solely originates from olive farms.


Category: Keyboards

Everlasting elegance. The SG2 was developed for long-term professional use: wear-resistant keys, whisper-soft keystrokes and an ultra-flat, ergonomic and splash-proof design. Built for a lifetime.

Key benefits
• Designed for professional use – keys can be pressed over 40 million times
• Lifelong repair service (including upgrade to potential new USB versions)
• Ultra-flat ergonomic design for effortless typing
• Splash proof – unaffected by drips and splashes of water
• Highly durable wear-resistant engraved lettering
• Plug & Play for easy activation without having to install software
• Whisper-soft keystrokes for particularly quiet typing
• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor keys and numeric keypad)

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