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Terra Nova

Like cracks in parched clay or volcanic rock – the fissures allow us to gaze deep into the depths of the earth, yet simultaneously symbolize new beginnings. This captivating look is the result of up to 12 hand-painted layers of premium lacquer. The attention to detail not only makes the surface supremely durable, but also affords it a fascinating three-dimensionality and depth.

The keyboard casings are repeatedly sanded, primed and sealed before the lacquer is applied. Numerous layers of lacquer are applied in a clean room, which ensures the outstanding intensity, depth and three-dimensionality of the colors. Between five and seven layers of a special clear varnish are used to seal the colored layers and the surface is repeatedly sanded back between the various steps. The result is a flawless and hard-wearing surface that can be easily repaired even if it becomes severely scratched.


Category: Keyboards

Everlasting elegance. The SG2 was developed for long-term professional use: wear-resistant keys, whisper-soft keystrokes and an ultra-flat, ergonomic and splash-proof design. Built for a lifetime.

Key benefits
• Designed for professional use – keys can be pressed over 40 million times
• Lifelong repair service (including upgrade to potential new USB versions)
• Ultra-flat ergonomic design for effortless typing
• Splash proof – unaffected by drips and splashes of water
• Highly durable wear-resistant engraved lettering
• Plug & Play for easy activation without having to install software
• Whisper-soft keystrokes for particularly quiet typing
• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor keys and numeric keypad)

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