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Walnut Burl

Our keyboards crafted using walnut burl from the Caucasian walnut tree radiate indescribable charm and elegance. This type of wood is a true wonder of the natural world. Its fascinating play of color and the majesty of its swirling grain moves something deep within us.

Wood from the burl of the Caucasian walnut tree is among the most coveted types of timber in the world. No two pieces are the same. Yet they all feature a captivating and exclusive aesthetic. The wood’s vibrant and playful structure contains intense reddish browns and a pleasantly harmonious grain.

There is always great anticipation before we cut open a walnut burl. Our burls are mainly sourced from old, solitary trees that were felled because they cause safety issues to roads or houses nearby. The rough exterior of the burl makes it impossible to predict the breathtaking riot of color held within. This type of wood is a true wonder of the natural world.


Category: Keyboards

Everlasting elegance. The SG2 was developed for long-term professional use: wear-resistant keys, whisper-soft keystrokes and an ultra-flat, ergonomic and splash-proof design. Built for a lifetime.

Key benefits
• Designed for professional use – keys can be pressed over 40 million times
• Lifelong repair service (including upgrade to potential new USB versions)
• Ultra-flat ergonomic design for effortless typing
• Splash proof – unaffected by drips and splashes of water
• Highly durable wear-resistant engraved lettering
• Plug & Play for easy activation without having to install software
• Whisper-soft keystrokes for particularly quiet typing
• Standard keyboard layout (including cursor keys and numeric keypad)

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