SG2 keyboards

The SG2 keyboards deliver maximum typing comfort with perfectly calibrated keystrokes and discreet, nuanced acoustics. They are designed for long-term professional use.


Light maple wood is an ideal material for our keyboards. Thanks to its fine pores, maple is incredibly hygienic and the whitish hue also gives it a particularly clean aesthetic.


Walnut wood is hard-wearing and wonderfully ornate. The basic coloration is taupe, however it frequently features dark streaks and speckles that generate beautiful patterns.


Delightfully marbled olive wood is extremely hard and sturdy. It naturally contains a large amount of oil, which means it is highly water resistant – even before it has been treated.

Walnut Burl

Wood from the burl of the Caucasian walnut tree is among the most coveted types of timber in the world. Its vibrant and playful structure contains intense reddish browns and a pleasantly harmonious grain.

Royal Black

This majestic model in high-gloss black lacquer will grace your desk with stylish elegance. The meticulously applied midnight black tone reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.

Terra Nova

Like cracks in parched clay or volcanic rock – the fissures allow us to gaze deep into the depths of the earth, yet simultaneously symbolize new beginnings.