Gebr. Hentschel GbR provides you with a product that corresponds to the sales contract at the time of delivery, i.e. the product has all the features as described at the time of purchase and is suitable for the usual applications expected of a comparable product. Gebr. Hentschel GbR accepts liability for non-conformity arising from the type of packaging, assembly or assembly instructions, if these have been produced by Gebr. Hentschel or on the company’s behalf in accordance with the sales contract. This warranty is only valid if you submit your claim within two (2) years after receiving the product.

You can request to have the product repaired or exchanged, as long as your choice does not generate any obviously disproportionate costs for Gebr. Hentschel GbR. If the product cannot be repaired or exchanged, you can return the product and request a refund of the entire amount paid, or keep the product and request a refund of part of the amount paid, provided the cause for the claim is not simply a minor defect. You will not incur any costs whatsoever if you choose to return or exchange the product or request a refund, nor will there be any impediment to potential compensation if you are entitled to compensation.

In the case of minor defects, you can send your product to the following address:

Gebr. Hentschel GbR
Ort Gustavsruh 2
17268 Gerswalde