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Gebr. Hentschel is an artisan manufacturer specializing in the design of unique products. We are passionately dedicated to developing products that are not only functional but also tell a story. Our designers are experts in creating products that reflect the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our world.

We take pride in crafting products that last a lifetime. Our keyboards are a prime example of our commitment to quality and durability. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and is a one-of-a-kind, serving as a daily reminder of the beauty of nature. We believe our products make a statement about the lifestyle we uphold, and we invite you to be part of this story.

Gebr. Hentschel, the Founders 2018
Bespoke luxury wooden keyboard of Gebr. Hentschel
Luxury wooden keyboard from Gebr. Hentschel walnut burl


Wood, as a living material, undergoes constant changes. Over the years, it darkens and develops a natural patina based on its use. As it ages, not only does the emotional value increase, but also the aesthetic value of our devices – in contrast to typical plastic products. Running your fingertips gently over the wooden surface reveals its smoothness, warmth, and natural feel. A true delight for your hands.

The 108 keys are made of an extremely durable and long-lasting mineral material that is highly hygienic and easy to maintain. Its external appearance is most comparable to porcelain. Tactilely, the material is extremely pleasant – a crucial factor for a perfect typing experience. Composed mainly of natural stone dust, the material is recyclable, making it an outstanding choice from an environmental standpoint.

The key labels are precisely milled and then hand-painted, preventing signs of wear on the labels. For touch typing or ten-finger typing, the raised pins on the F, J, and 5 keys are crucial. They allow the user to orient themselves "blindly" on the keyboard. On our keyboards, these pins are made of 750 gold, providing a subtle contrast to the keys.

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